Month: April 2017


5 Tourist Activities to do With Your Family in Florida

Are you planning a fun summer trip to Florida for you and your family? When thinking about a trip to Florida, most people are excited for warm weather, beaches and possibly spending some time in Disney with their kids. Believe it or not, there are many other fun outdoor activitiesRead More

Why Are More Businessowners Preferring To Fly Private Than Commercial?

Everyone works on-the-go nowadays. As you can imagine, travel has become a rather important commodity in the average workers’ day-to-day life and a lackluster flight plan can make or break everything from productivity to mental wellness. When you need to charter a private jet but aren’t sure whether it’ll beRead More

Benefits of Staying in a Vacation Rental

A recent study reported that 37 percent of families choose vacation as the activity that makes them feel the happiest. Celebration vacations are another important reason to get away with about 70 percent of travelers doing so to celebrate a special event. Vacation homes are houses with tons of amenities,Read More

An Entertained Passenger Is a Happy Passenger

On any given day that we are walking around on the planet, there are approximately 8 million people flying from one place to another somewhere in the world. Traveling by plane has become, over the last 60 years, the most sought after way to get where you’re going. Many peopleRead More

8 Tips for Camping with the Kids

Family camping trips are some of the most popular around the United States. Every year, millions of families take to the nation’s many campgrounds and have a great time. If you have young children and are interested in taking them on a camping trip, there are some things to getRead More

Simplify Your Travel Arrangements and Charter a Bus

Are you planning an extended vacation with family and friends? Or, perhaps you’re organizing a work-oriented team-building retreat that mixes business and pleasure. When it comes to traveling to these and other destinations, it’s time to charter a bus. Whether you’re traveling a short distance or going on an extendedRead More

Going on a Trip? Here are the Top Ten Reasons You Should Rent a Charter Bus

If you’ve ever traveled with a large group, you know how difficult it can be to keep everyone together and on the same page. If you’re planning a trip with a big group of friends, family, or peers, consider a charter bus rental to keep things running smoothly. Here areRead More