What is a bulkhead ceiling

On any given day that we are walking around on the planet, there are approximately 8 million people flying from one place to another somewhere in the world. Traveling by plane has become, over the last 60 years, the most sought after way to get where you’re going.

Many people in the United States fly domestically, going from state to state and often from coast to coast. And many of the people who do fly are flying distances that can take a few hours. Of course, that is just in the United States.

There are also millions of people who fly from one country to another, from one part of the world to, sometimes, the very opposite. It is on all of these flights that being able to keep passengers calm and entertained could be the difference between your airline doing as well as it could be doing and losing passengers to others airlines.

Aircraft display systems have come a very long way in recent years. The developments in technology that make the screens more accessible for everyone are giving those airlines that choose to upgrade to newer aircraft display systems the edge.

In 2013, the total number of people who flew tallied up to a record number of 3.1 billion. That means that during 2013, 3.1 billion people at some point during the year found themselves in a metal tube in the sky. It is a miracle of science to be sure, but if the inflight entertainment systems aren’t up to snuff on your airline, the folks who purchased tickets to fly with you will soon be taking off with someone else.

Almost half of airline passengers–41% of them–watch movies while they are flying. Others read or sleep, but watching something on the video monitors has become something that passengers expect to be able to do on a flight. Especially if said flight is more that two hours in duration.

For those who do read, many have now gone to reading tablets or using their laptops. These electronic devices need power and many passengers are looking for airlines that have installed in seat power facilities.

Look for aircraft display systems that will give your company the edge.

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