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If you’ve ever traveled with a large group, you know how difficult it can be to keep everyone together and on the same page. If you’re planning a trip with a big group of friends, family, or peers, consider a charter bus rental to keep things running smoothly. Here are the top ten reasons a charter bus rental might be for you!

  1. It’s perfect for large groups. There are all kinds of reasons a group might be traveling together: a corporate training or retreat, a faraway team game, a church outing — even special events like a bachelor or bachelorette party, a family reunion-road trip, a group wine tour, or a sightseeing adventure. Bus tours of a new city are always fun! Wherever your group is headed, a charter bus rental will mean everyone can ride together, and it will free up everyone in your group for visiting and sightseeing.
  2. It’s modern and convenient. These are not clunky, old, yellow school buses. Charter buses often offer plenty of modern conveniences like reclining seats, individual TV screens, WiFi access, and clean, on-board restrooms. Charter buses are built with your comfort in mind, and they could make your trip that much better.
  3. The drivers know what they’re doing. Everyone knows GPS navigators aren’t perfect. Charter bus rentals come with an experienced, professional driver who will handle all the stress of driving and navigating, and may even be able to offer sightseeing tips.
  4. It’s dependable. Charter bus companies have to ensure that their vehicles are reliable and in tip top shape to earn customer trust and loyalty. And in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, there’s a whole company standing by to set it right. You don’t get that kind of service and quality assurance from your own vehicle.
  5. You can really see a new place. Some places aren’t built for certain kinds of travel, and some attractions can only really be experienced on the ground. But if you’re driving, you won’t be able to really appreciate the sights. Let your charter bus driver do the driving so you and your group can really experience new places. Your driver may even have scenic route suggestions to improve your trip!
  6. It might be your safest option. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traveling in a passenger vehicle can be far riskier than traveling in a bus. And charter bus drivers won’t be distracted by texting, conversation, or anything else — your safety is their priority.
  7. It’s just easier. You don’t have to worry about lugging around your bags, or worry that they won’t make it to your destination — because all luggage travels on the bus! There are no long security lines, and you can keep your shoes on (if you want to).
  8. It’s good for the environment. The motorcoach (charter bus) industry accounts for about 631 million passenger trips a year in the United States and Canada. Each full charter bus could potentially remove 55 single occupancy vehicles from the highway.

    Charter buses are also efficient: when it comes to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, charter buses are three times as efficient as commuter rails, and five times as efficient as transit buses. They also produce the least CO2 emissions per passenger mile, compared to other vehicles. Charter buses are an average of six times more energy and fuel efficient than single occupancy vehicles. And if the 12,500 miles traveled by the average vehicle in a year were replaced by charter bus travel, CO2 emissions would be reduced by 4.3 tons per vehicle, per year.
  9. It’s affordable. When you’re traveling with a large group, a charter bus is often much more cost effective than air travel or traveling in separate vehicles. Traveling in a charter bus also eliminates your risk of getting a ticket or a DUI, which proactively saves you money.
  10. It’s flexible. Even if a charter bus rental company requires a deposit, last minute changes and cancellations are bound to be cheaper than they would be for flights.

Don’t wait: book your group a charter bus today!

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