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Everyone works on-the-go nowadays. As you can imagine, travel has become a rather important commodity in the average workers’ day-to-day life and a lackluster flight plan can make or break everything from productivity to mental wellness. When you need to charter a private jet but aren’t sure whether it’ll be worth the price, it’s time to put your schedule, health and future plans at the forefront. The best private jet can offer you top-notch accommodations, a timely arrival and an ongoing business relationship to bring out the best in your career field.

How Is The Business Aviation Industry Doing?

Business is booming for both international and domestic travel. The United States accounts for nearly half of the private jet market, Europe following in at 20%, and continues to lead the pack in quality and punctuality. One-third of all business aircraft flights will fly into a secondary airport, while nearly 20% go to large commercial airports instead. The difference between a commercial experience and a gulfstream private flight is frequently sought out by people who are on a time limit and need to get where they need to go as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

How Many People Work In Aviation And Travel?

With business doing so well across the world, it stands to reason the industry needs to regularly seek out the best in technology, public relations and marketing to keep going strong. Nearly one and a half million Americans are currently employed in business aviation, generating a collective $150 billion in economic activity every single year. Knowing which flight plan will benefit you will help immensely in bolstering your productivity and keeping you energized from the moment you step onto the plane and arrive at your destination. This knowledge is what causes many to seek out a gulfstream private flight in lieu of mainstream options.

What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Private?

There are ups and downs to traveling commercial and private. Which one is right for you depends on why you’re flying, your budget and your comfort levels. Commercial jets generally cruise at 35,000 feet, while smaller jets (usually private) will fly higher and deal with a lot less air traffic — this encourages faster and safer trips, making them a popular choice for people of all backgrounds and lifestyles. Working travelers, in particular, greatly enjoy the increased speed, reliability and boost in privacy so they can work on-the-go.

How Much Do Private Jets Generally Cost?

When you have business to attend to and work to be done, a private jet can be exactly what the doctor ordered. It costs $106,000 to charter a Gulfstream V, for example, from New York City to San Francisco for the weekend. There are over 2,000 air charter operators across the country, meaning you’ll never be at a lack of options when choosing the right gulfstream private flight.

Should I Fly Private?

There’s little quite so frustrating as attempting to do some research or finish up a project on your trip while being cramped, interrupted or distracted by outside noise. Private jets use a network of more than 5,000 across the United States alone, compared to the mere 550 used by commercial airlines, and they’re known for being smaller, more private and generally ideal for a working environments. Respondents to a 2009 survey even stated they are 20% more productive on a company aircraft than the alternative! Do what you need to be your best. Consider chartering a jet and feel the results everywhere you go.

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