Houston history

There’s a reason why all of George Strait’s exes live in Texas. And there’s a reason the saying goes that everything is bigger, and therefore better, in the Lone Star state. Simply put, Texas is awesome.

Houston historyWhether you’re visiting one of the state’s many buzzing metropolitan areas, cruising its perfectly manicured suburbs, or exploring its most rural communities, Texas almost feels like a whole different country. However, the warm and welcoming spirit of its residents can still make you feel at home, just like you’re right in your backyard, even though you’re miles away.

In order to truly appreciate the Lone Star state’s rich culture and vibrancy, you have to take a look back at this state’s checkered past, which is wrought with conquests, exploration, innovation, and a fierce sense of independence which likely contributed to Texas’s modern day free spirit.

Texas is the second largest and second most populous state in the United States. Houston is the state’s largest city, while coming ranking as the country’s fourth largest city. Texas earned the nickname the Lone Star State as a reminder that it was once an independent colony and to signify its struggles for independence from neighboring Mexico. The name Texas is derived from the word “tejas” which means ‘friends’ in the Caddo language, which is probably why everyone is so friendly there.

While Texas as several thriving metropolitan areas that each offer its own flavor of Texas, the Houston history has allowed it to become not only the state’s most populous — and diverse — city, but the most industrious as well. Only New York City is home to more Fortune 500 company headquarters. Between being home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Texas Medical Center, and a thriving arts and cultural scene, sightseeing in Houston is truly a rich experience.

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