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Houston history

Visiting Houston? How a Trip Advisor Can Help You Experience the Lone Star State to the Fullest

There’s a reason why all of George Strait’s exes live in Texas. And there’s a reason the saying goes that everything is bigger, and therefore better, in the Lone Star state. Simply put, Texas is awesome. Whether you’re visiting one of the state’s many buzzing metropolitan areas, cruising its perfectlyRead More

houston sightseeing

The Top Four Things to Do During Your Trip to Houston, TX

Houston, Texas is the home of space exploration, down-home southern comfort, baseball, good food and, of course, Beyonce. And if you’re planning on taking a visit to Houston in the near future, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed at the sheer number of attractions that are currently listed on the Houston TripAdvisorRead More

houston history

History and Heritage in Houston

Houston, Texas may not be the most glamorous city in the United States, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer. With just over two million residents speaking more than 90 languages, it is the fourth most populous city in the United States, following New York, Los Angeles, andRead More

houston sightseeing

5 Houston Sightseeing Spots You Won’t Want to Miss

Admittedly, when compared to tourist hubs like New York City or Boston, Houston’s historic offerings might seem a bit thin; most people come to Houston either to work or to attend school. But there are actually some incredible spots in the city, and it draws thousands of tourists each year.Read More