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houston sightseeingHouston, Texas is the home of space exploration, down-home southern comfort, baseball, good food and, of course, Beyonce.

And if you’re planning on taking a visit to Houston in the near future, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed at the sheer number of attractions that are currently listed on the Houston TripAdvisor page. Which sights are worth it — and which ones are skippable?

No matter what sights you choose to see during your stay in Houston, we can guarantee you’ll never want to leave! Here are our four favorite things to do while sightseeing in Houston:

The downtown tunnels
Houston’s downtown buildings are connected by a six-mile network of underground tunnels — and they’re anything but dark or dingy. These bright, cheery and well-lit tunnels feature some of the city’s best shopping, and even some restaurants! Because these tunnels are a massive underground maze, it’s recommended that you take a tour or bring a high-quality map with you. Getting lost in the tunnels could bring you several blocks out of your way.

Some traditional Houston cuisine
Texas is the home of barbecue — and Houston, located on the Gulf of Mexico, has plenty of exciting Creole-inspired food just waiting to be tried. To get the best sampling of this city’s exciting cuisine, there are a few different Houston culinary tours you can take, from pub crawls to more traditional restaurant tours.

The museum district
Houston is home to an array of museums all contained within one area of the city — it’s said that you can travel around the world without ever leaving the district’s zip code. From seeing some of the masterworks of European art at the Museum of Fine Arts to glimpsing some of the world’s most incredible wildlife at the Houston Zoo, the museum district has something for everyone.

Space Center Houston
Houston, we do not have a problem. NASA’s Space Center Houston might just be the pride of Houston sightseeing — and a tour of the city’s Space Center can be an exciting, educational adventure for the whole family. The museum contains some of the most exciting relics from space expeditions that launched here, and regularly hosts special exhibits — Space Center Houston’s “Star Wars” exhibits are always popular.

Want to know even more about the history of Houston Texas? Or do you have some recommendations of your own for the best Houston sightseeing? Share all your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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