Month: July 2016


5 Tips and Tricks on How to Survive a Long Plane Ride

While some may enjoy flying, it is no secret that a long-haul flight can be extremely uncomfortable. So here are five ways to survive a long plane ride to make your next trip go by smoothly. Bring your own food Airplane food has a tendency to be bland and haveRead More

What Is Your Favorite Family Camping Story?

The tradition continues. It has changed, but it continues. Six summers ago your two daughters began the tradition of taking a summer trip to one of the cabin camping parks with their aunt and uncle and their three oldest cousins. Four summers of stories grew to nearly legendary proportions. FromRead More

Did You Know that Motorcoaches are the Most Environmentally Friendly Form of Transportation?

For trips like school or church groups and family outings, practically nothing beats the ease and comfort of travel in charter buses. Charter buses offer you all the advantages – flexible schedules and routes, air conditioning and wifi, individual video screens with surround sound – and then some. For example,Read More