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While some may enjoy flying, it is no secret that a long-haul flight can be extremely uncomfortable. So here are five ways to survive a long plane ride to make your next trip go by smoothly.

Bring your own food

Airplane food has a tendency to be bland and have limited options, so make sure to pack some snacks to tide you over during the flight. Go for protein packed snacks that are portable and easy to clean up after, think fruit, carrot and celery sticks, peanut butter and crackers, almonds, and energy bars. If you can, bring a sandwich! Be sure to pack them before hand, as food in the airport is extremely expensive. These snacks will fill you up and will not leave your stomach growling during the entire trip.

Be compact with your luggage

Even though you are generally allowed two different carry ons, don’t bring too much with you because you will have to store it under your seat. And this means less legroom to stretch out, keeping you from the shut-eye you desperately need.

Bring your electronics with you

Take advantage of the aircraft interior products that come with your flight! This includes in seat power so you can charge your electronics, in flight entertainment systems with bright IFE monitors to watch your favorite television show, and headphone jacks to allow you to listen to music.

Stretch out

If you can, upgrade your seat so you are able to use aircraft interior products that allow you recline, curl up with a pillow and relax. Make sure to bring an eye mask and a comfy sweater as planes can get pretty chilly. After all you will need it will all that traveling you are about to do!

Drink up!

It is important to stay hydrated because of the change in pressures and the dry air. You can never drink too much water or Gatorade, and it will help you feel fresh the moment you land. The last thing you will want when you land in your destination is a headache and to feel sluggish.

So there you have it, the best five hacks that will help you survive your long-haul flight. Keep these in mind and you will be smooth sailing during the entire trip.
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