Charter bus rentals

For trips like school or church groups and family outings, practically nothing beats the ease and comfort of travel in charter buses. Charter buses offer you all the advantages – flexible schedules and routes, air conditioning and wifi, individual video screens with surround sound – and then some. For example, did you know that motorcoaches can travel to destinations not accessible by airplanes and trains? Or that buses are one of the most fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly forms of travel?
So the next time you’re planning a family trip with your cousins, or a trip with your friends and neighbors to the casino or outlet mall or book village, or any other kind of trip with more than four or five people, a charter bus can get you there in comfort and safety.
Advantages of charter bus tours
If you’re planning a trip with a group, you’re already aware that a charter bus gives you both freedom and control over your itinerary. You can travel according to your own schedule or no schedule at all, and pick destinations that might be difficult to reach otherwise. You might also know that with reclining seats, air conditioning, wireless internet, video and surround sound, it will be a comfortable, journey.
But did you also known that motorcoaches are one of the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly forms of transport? And that they have a smaller carbon footprint than any other kind of vehicle, inducing trains and commuter trains? And that bus travel is increasingly one of the most popular means of travel?

  • At 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel, motorcoaches are the most fuel efficient form of travel. Compare this to commuter rail which gives 92 passenger MPG, domestic air travel which gives 44 passenger MPG, and single passenger automobiles which give 27 passenger MPG.
  • Motorcoaches and charter bus tours move more than 7.5 million passengers each year. In the year 2011-12, the number of passengers traveling by bus in the U.S. grew by 7.5%, according to the American Bus Association. This makes fastest growing form of travel.
  • Charters buses and motorcoaches help the economy by bringing tourism dollars to every community they serve. A motorcoach stopping for just one night brings as much as $11,660 to that local economy, through spending on lodging, meals, gas and other expenses.
  • Motorcoaches have a smaller carbon footprint than other forms of transport. They are three times more efficient than commuter rail in reducing CO2 output and six times more efficient than transit buses in reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Buses and charter bus tours can take you to places not served by airplanes and commercial bus lines. For rural areas, motorcoaches serve more than 14 million residents in the U.S., for whom these are the only type of public intercity transportation.

Add in the fact that charter bus trips are fun, with a comfortable ride and good company. You can retreat into your private world with a book or your music, or you can join in the group singing and games. In fact it’s also one of the most enjoyable forms of travel.

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