Only two more sleeps until the high school band and strings trip to Disneyland! One of the other parent sponsors like to call it two more night nights before you will join 91 kids, five chaperones, one director, and one tour director on your eighth, and final, trip of this kind. Every time that you get on one of the charter buses for one of these crazy trips you hear at least one or tow parents share with you that they know you must either be crazy or a saint. Although you laugh at these comments, the joke is really on them.

Those other parents who have never been a chaperone do not know that the sponsors get the first pick of seats whenever the groups decides to rent a charter bus for one of these trips. Also, as a sponsor you always have two seats to yourself. It is the safeguard and reminder to all of the students. They know that if they are causing any problems or are being inappropriate you will be removed from the seat you selected and moved to one of the sponsor rows. No one wants that. Perhaps the best think about these Disneyland trips when the budget allows the group to rent a charter bus is that someone always remains on the bus during the day at the parks. And while the bus driver is always contracted to do so, any sponsor who wants a break, a rest, or just a chance to cool off and elevate your their feet, the bus is available.

Bus Charter Services Provide a Number of Advantages to Various Kinds of Travelers
Finding the right company to rent a charter bus from can help you or an entire group travel more affordably, comfortably, and efficiently. In fact, there are many indications that the decision to travel by a charter bus can help you get the advantages you need when you are preparing to make a trip.

In addition to being affordable and convenient, charter bus travel is also very efficient, and in a time when many people are trying to limit the size of the carbon footprint that they leave efficiency is especially important. In fact, the decision to rent a charter bus or full motor coach has the potential of removing 55 vehicles from the highway, reducing congestion, cutting energy use, as well as reducing emissions. Motor coaches also emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile when they are compared to other forms of transportation.

Consider these comparisons:

  • Motorcoaches achieve 206.6 passenger miles for every gallon.
  • Commuter rail gets 92.4 passenger miles for every gallon.
  • Transit buses achieve 31.4 passenger miles for every gallon.
  • Domestic airplane achieves 44 passenger miles for every gallon.
  • Personal automobiles averaged 27.2 passenger miles for every gallon.
  • Hybrid cars get 46 passenger miles for every gallon.

Whether you are on your eighth and final high school band and orchestra trip as one of the adult sponsors or you are embarking on your first ever trip out east to see the fall colors, there are many indicators that a charter bus in going to be the very best option.

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