Staying in vacation cabin rentals gives you all the benefits of camping without the downsides. There’s a lot of pros and cons regarding camping but a lot of the cons stay outside when you have vacation cabin rentals for the family. You have a lot of choices when it comes to family vacations but if you choose cabin camping then you won’t regret it! Here are some of the advantages of staying in vacation cabin rentals and some of the cons that you will avoid.

  1. It’s a great opportunity to bond with the family. Cabin rentals are usually still in remote parts like woods or mountains so there is probably not a lot of cell phone coverage. This is great for everyone because both young and old tend to be so attached to cell phones and electronics. It gives everyone a chance to reconnected and find out what’s been going on with each other. Life gets so busy that sometimes we can live in the same house as someone and have no idea what they are going through.

  2. Cabin camping is still remote, as mentioned but offers beds and running water. If your family has never been camping before, this might be a great way to introduce them to it without freaking them out. Only certain kinds of people are able to sleep outside and brave the critters and possible animals you will encounter. Having a bed and running water and a door to lock will make them feel a lot more comfortable about sleeping in the woods or mountains.

  3. You can still participate in all of the things that camping offers. for example, if there is a lake nearby then there are usually places where you can rent kayaks or jet skis or tires to float around on. You can also hike or bike to explore the surrounding areas. Some campgrounds even offer guided hunting, although you want to be careful about the regulations, laws and guidelines for this one. It’s easy to get carried away and end up in an area where you are not supposed to.

So, that’s the advantages of staying in vacation cabin rentals. Here are a few of the things that you won’t have to worry about compared to if you stayed in a tent.

  1. When you hear about visits from critters while camping, they aren’t talking about ants and harmless insects. Sure, those will be around but they are also talking about things like large and possibly poisonous spiders, scorpions, rodents and even large animals like bears or mountain lions, depending on where you are. If you are staying in a tent you have to be prepared for these things and make sure you aren’t attracting them with your open containers of food. If you are in a cabin, you still want to seal things up and put them away but it’s not as critical as when you are out in the open. You may not be able to avoid the smaller critters crawling up drains and things like that, however so check the cabin before you settle in.

  2. Sleeping on the hard, cold ground is never a very appealing idea. People do it and enjoy it but you have to make sure you have a nice, thick sleeping bag in order to get any real sleep. Cabin rentals come equipped with beds that you can actually get a decent night’s sleep on so that you can enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  3. One of the main things about staying in a tent is that there is really nowhere to secure your stuff. You have to trust the other campers not to steal anything. Staying in a cabin gives you doors and windows that can be locked when you go out so you don’t have to worry about any of that, anymore.

No matter how you do it, camping is a great way to get off the grid and enjoy spending time in nature and with each other. This type of vacation really requires interaction between the family so if that is something you are lacking in yours, then camping might be just the thing you need to reconnect.

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