Nyc horse carriage

New York is famously known as the city that never sleeps, and if you are looking for a place with endless opportunities and adventures, you might find that New York will serve as the perfect destination. You could ask countless people on the streets of New York why they love the city and find countless reasons and motivations that people have to visit or live in one of the biggest cities in the world.

From shopping to job opportunities to fashion to being one of the most diverse places on the planet, New York has something for everyone. But every once in awhile you might want to just get away from the hustle and bustle. That would be a good time to find yourself in Central Park, where you might even find yourself on a stagecoach ride.

Why you might be in need of a stagecoach escape

There are those who view horse carriage rides to be a bit cheesy, dated, or cliche. But there is a reason that stagecoach rides and carriages in Central Park and elsewhere continue to be popular. Not only does it provide a relaxed and more intimate atmosphere for you to spend time with someone you care about, or perhaps break the ice of a first date, it breaks up the busyness of city life as well. Horse carriage transport harks back to simpler times, when stagecoach was the main means of travel. That feeling of simplicity is often the perfect escape from the city, while still within the city itself.

Making Central Park a go-to haven

There are people who thrive on the chaos and closeness of the city. But for those who can feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the massive city, Central Park is a welcome escape. The park stretches for two and a half miles, and is half a mile wide, covering a total of 843 acres. About 42 million visitors make their way to Central Park every single year, whether for a walk or jog, to have a picnic, go on a carriage ride, go for a bike or pedicab tour, play games, simply sit and enjoy the nature that the rest of the city lacks, and or any number of other activities or events. Central Park stays open for the entire year, and is only closed for five hours every night, from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. The beauty, nature, accessibility, and variety that the park offers makes it a popular haven from city life.

Choosing something different to do

You could most likely live in New York City for a good chunk of your life, if not for the entirety of it, and still not accomplish every single thing that the city has to offer. However, as is the case with many people in many places across the country and around the world, many New Yorkers never get around to experiencing some of the popular and well known activities that the city is famous for. People are creatures of habit. Many fall into a routine and do not do much to try to break out of it. There is a common mindset that so many share of putting things off to do later, but too often, those things never end up happening. Whatever reason you have for being in the city, break out of your routine. Try going for a ride in a horse drawn carriage. It is often the simplest activities and actions that lead to the most cherished memories.

There is plenty to do in New York. Even if you decided to spend all of your time in Central Park, you would find plenty to do and see. But if you put it off until this weekend, or next month, or next summer, you may never participate in those activities that could end up making your best memories.

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