Surveys show that over 90% of American workers agree that taking a vacation is very important to them. A vacation far from home is a great way to take a break from a busy life, and during a trip, a tourist can enjoy the local sights and sounds. Often, people envision a sunny beach for their trip, and often, vacationers visit the beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii for their vacations. But there is another option, one that appeals greatly to outdoors enthusiasts: Alaska. The Union’s northernmost state is not a frozen wasteland; it is in fact a popular tourist spot for outdoors lovers, and its scenery can be quite beautiful in warmer weather. Tourists up there can take dogsled tours, try a helicopter wedding for the big day, or even take helicopter tours to see Alaska’s beautiful landscape from up high. An interested tourist only has to enter “helicopter rides in alaska” to find and book a slot for a flight.

What to Do Up in Alaska

Alaska is thinly populated, even when counting the Native American population, but it is still home to cities such as Juneau and Anchorage for urban-minded tourists and other guests. Those cities may have plenty of restaurants, museums, and other attractions for a tourist to check out. Many surveys also show that most tourists who come back from Alaska greatly enjoyed their trip there. Some were even pleasantly surprised by how much they liked their time in that state.

But ultimately, a trip to Alaska is best for an outdoors enthusiast, since this is an enormous and thinly developed state with a lot of wild terrain and native species to see. Many tourists may take a dogsled tour for an authentic trip across the snowy terrain, somewhat like the famous Iditarod races held there. Meanwhile, an outdoors lover can visit Alaska, then rent a log cabin out in the wilds, which gets them conveniently close to nature for their activities. Out there, a tourist can go kayaking in rivers and streams, go hiking or rock climbing, and go bird watching or photograph and sketch local plants and animals.

Fishers and hunters also love to visit this state, to pursue game that they can’t easily find in their own home state. Fishers may go fly fishing in Alaska’s streams, or in winter, they can go ice fishing out on frozen lakes, making use of ice fishing shacks that they find there (or build for themselves). Big game hunters, with the right permits, can hunt the likes of moose, elk, bear, and more. Trophy hunters can find plenty to do up in Alaska, and of course, local conservation departments will post guidelines to keep hunting at a sustainable level.

Other Tours

Some tourists going to Alaska are looking not for a mountain to climb or a bear to hunt, but an aerial tour of this state. Like Hawaii, Alaska is home to a number of helicopter tour companies that offer flights for tourists who book time slots with them. An interested client can look up “helicopter rides in alaska” ahead of time online to find a slot and book it. The tourist may look up “helicopter rides in alaska” weeks or even months ahead of time to make sure they get a slot. And if it’s convenient, the tourist might even book a helicopter flight first and then plan the rest of their vacation around it. Helicopter rides in Alaska are quite safe, and these vehicles will fly in all but the worst weather. If weather does ground the helicopter, the tourist can inquire about what to do next. Otherwise, during the ride, tourists may receive headsets to hear each other and the tour guide as they fly over Alaska’s terrain and hear about local facts and history.

A helicopter can also be used for a glacier wedding, for outdoorsy brides and grooms. This means looking up and booking a helicopter flight to take the small wedding party to a secluded (and safe) spot near a glacier. This can make for a private, comfortable wedding ceremony with Alaska’s panorama acting as a gorgeous natural backdrop. This may be popular in summer and spring, when the weather is warmer.

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