You could use a vacation.

This simple fact can be overwhelming to admit, particularly if the past few months have been pretty rough. How do you just drop what you’re doing and…go on a vacation? Moreso, how do you take a vacation that leaves an impact on you? When you need a break and a little enrichment, there’s only one place to go: Alaska. Brimming with untouched wilderness and boasting some of the most incredible vacation packages to date, Alaska will be your new home away from home.

Do something special for your anniversary. Take that long-awaited vacation you’ve been craving. Flightseeing Anchorage trips are an enriching adventure you won’t soon forget.

Alaska is a state filled with mystery, whether you’re a bird-watcher or a fan of the great outdoors. Nicknamed ‘The Last Frontier’ for its vast wilderness, Alaska is one of the most popular destinations for weddings, anniversaries, and vacations. Alaskan visitors have spent an average of $3 billion since 2015, creating thousands of jobs in the process. After the 2010 recession slump, Alaskan tourism rates have increased by 25%. It’s thought tourism alone is responsible for 8,500 jobs, including (but not limited to) fishing, flying, tourism, advertising, and transportation.

The vacation is more than just mandated time off work. It’s how you take care of yourself after weeks — even months — of hard work. Several health benefits have been carefully documented concerning the benefits of vacation, including physical and mental boosts. One recent study found men at risk for heart disease who skipped vacation for five years in a row were 30% more likely to suffer heart attacks. Compare this to those who took off at least one week each year, who were 30% less likely.

There are mental health benefits, too. Burnout is a rampant issue in the United States, both for working Americans and recent retirees. It’s the logical result of working too much and not playing nearly enough — a 2018 survey found nearly 50% of respondents stating burnout was severe enough to make them want to quit work. Taking time off in a resplendent environment is a type of medication that soothes the body and mind. All you have to do is ask for a dogsled tour.

Any natural wonder you want to see, Alaska has it. Over 900,000 caribou roam in over 30 herds across the vast tundra, matched only by the abundant birdlife. It’s estimated there are over 30,000 birds resting in the state, including the national bird, the willow ptarmigan. There are also around 100,000 black bears, carefully tended to by Alaska’s diligent wildlife authority. Bring along your best camera and thickest coat, because your flightseeing Anchorage trip will give you constant reasons to snap a new memory.

Are you curious about what else the great wilderness has to offer? Alaska has more than 70 potentially active volcanoes, with seventeen of America’s 20 highest peaks located nearby. Dogsled tours are an invigorating way to get a taste of history while sightseeing (carefully supervised, of course). You can supplement your dog sledding adventure with a helicopter ride that shows you the world from a new point of view. No matter what you need, your flightseeing Anchorage tour is ready to deliver.

Give yourself a break. Sign up for a flightseeing Anchorage tour and see what a breath of fresh air will do for your health.

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