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Hawaii is a dream destination for many travelers as it offers unparalleled distinctive adventures across its islands, amazing waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, exotic forests, and plenty of beautiful sandy beaches. There are so many attractions and breathtaking views that you’ll likely get overwhelmed by the island’s scenery. As such, it’s important to choose one island and explore it completely, then probably move to the next.

If you’re planning to visit Ohau which is the home to the state capital, Honolulu, you might want to consider Hawaii helicopter tours Oahu. Hawaii air tours can give you a perspective you just will not get on land.andnbsp; The air tours Oahu visitors can join offer views of the ocean, volcanos, and the city all in one trip. The island of Oahu in Hawaii is 597 square miles and has one of the most stunning beaches in the world. Therefore, finding the best helicopter tours in Oahu excursions can offer the ultimate sightseeing experience and make your trip more memorable. You just can not end your trip without getting a Hawaii volcano helicopter view. Getting to fly over Hawaii volcano can be a once in a lifetime experience you do not want to miss. Here’s a rundown of the most important considerations when choosing a helicopter tour.


Hawaii air tours

According to statistics on helicopter tour crashes, there has been a considerable decrease in the chances of one getting hurt on a helicopter. Though we rarely hear of helicopter accidents, this does not rule out the possibility of a crash happening. But just like any other adrenaline-rush activity and mode of transport, there are safety measures involved. A common question is are helicopter rides scary? The helicopter safety Hawaii vacationers demand means the thrill of the ride is all that should be felt.andnbsp;


Generally, all Hawaii helicopter tours Oahu based services are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) meaning that pilots carrying travelers on helicopter tours have to seek clearance from the administration before they are allowed to fly. All Hawaii air tours companies will regularly service their fleet and keep all aircraft maintained with the best helicopter parts.

But when it comes to helicopter tour certification, there are different variations available on the market mainly because there are no strict measures as with commercial airlines.

Helicopter pilots are not required to have the same training as commercial pilots especially if they are only taking passengers to sightsee and capture beautiful aerial photographs of Oahu when they fly over Hawaii volcano. Essentially, you’ll be looking for a licensed passenger helicopter with an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier or a Part 91 licensed helicopter for aerial photographs shooting. Most importantly, having a certified pilot assures you of safety. Your pilot for your open door helicopter oahu trip will be safe and a certified professional.


Most tour helicopters are initially designed as passenger aircraft. They have a full passenger capacity of 6 with two front seats and a spacious cabin to accommodate four passengers. Many Hawaii helicopter tours Oahu based companies use this type of bird. When picking out an ideal seat in the helicopter you’re obviously looking for a position that allows optimal viewing of the outside, so avoid sitting in the middle especially at the back. But even at that position you still get to enjoy the Hawaii volcano helicopter view, so enjoy it.

There are two types of helicopters commonly used in air tours –the Eco-Star and A-Star; Single-engine helicopters designed superior performance and high versatility. Eco-Star has a spacious cabin with relatively large windows than A-Star helicopter. In addition to space, the Eco-Star helicopter is fuel-efficient, generates less irritating noise and it’s fitted with a climate control system for optimal conditions. Weight distribution onboard helicopter is crucial for flight safety, so you need to seat based on how the pilot will deem fit.


A scenic Hawaii helicopter tours Oahu starts with booking online. You’ll not only enjoy tour discounts offered by helicopter tour companies but also reserve a helicopter. During peak seasons like summer, helicopter tour packages sell out fast and often cost more to enjoy an air tour. So reserve your helicopter tour in advance and focus on more important things like choosing which Hawaii island to fly above.


Here are some of the basic things you need to do before and when onboard to ensure a safe and fun tour. Check your helicopter tour coupon to see if any rules of dress and behavior are printed on the back. This will basically function as a contract between you and your Hawaii air tour pilot.

  • Follow the rules and any instructions given by the pilot for the helicopter safety Hawaii tourist expect
  • To capture great photos and not miss a thing using digital cameras, have your camera set to high-speed burst mode since the helicopter is moving at great speeds.
  • If you are not in one of the open door helicopter Oahu tours offers, to avoid window glare reflecting on your photographs wear dark clothing.
  • If you’re vulnerable to air or motion sickness make sure you take medications before you board.
  • Generally, dress appropriately. If you are curious about what to wear on a helicopter ride, contact the tour company. Riding in a helicopter for air tour Oahu may require a specific wardrobe

With these few tips in mind, you are set for a great helicopter tour and the time of your life. Enjoy the ocean and fly over Hawaii volcano views with the best helicopter rides in Oahu. Enjoy the helicopter safety Hawaii demands and have a great tour!

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