Motor coaches have reclining seats

With the environmental benefit and convenience of busses, many families are opting for charter bus travel over car travel. In fact, each full motercoach bus on the highway replaces 55 cars, not only reducing traffic, bus also exhaust emissions and energy use. Local bus services, as well as long-distance services, are a sustainable road trip alternative. Of the approximately quarter of a million annual motercoach passengers, many are families. If you are considering purchasing bus tickets for your family, consider these tips for traveling with children.

  1. Book In Advance

    While traveling with little ones, planning is key. Scheduling your travel in advance will take the stress out of last-minute organization. Whether you’re traveling to a family reunion or a vacation, purchase your tickets ahead of time to allow for plenty of preparation time.
  2. Bring Activities

    Keep your kids occupied with engaging, time consuming activities. Puzzle books, travel board games, and drawing paper are all effective options. For younger children who are less inclined to keep themselves occupied, bring toys that you can play with together, such as dolls.
  3. Pack Extra

    Be ready for spills and accidents by bringing extra changes of clothes. For babies and toddles, be sure to pack extra wipes and diapers. Since travel delays and unexpected changes are common, bring slightly more than you think you need.
  4. Keep Them Fed

    While the bus may stop occasionally, be sure to bring enough snacks to sustain your children in between stops. Having water bottles on hand will also keep your family hydrated.

  5. Prioritize Comfort

    Your children may not be accustomed to the interior of a bus, but it is possible for them to travel comfortably. Bring blankets and small pillows to help them sleep, especially if the trip is longer than that of local bus services. While it may be tempting to purchase one seat and have your child sit on your lap, buying separate tickets will keep you both more comfortable.
  6. Never Skip a Bathroom Break

    While there may be a bathroom in the back of the bus, never pass up an opportunity for your children to use a public restroom. Keep this tip in mind during your entire travel experience, as your children may not think to take bathroom breaks themselves.

  7. This sustainable form of family travel is efficient and direct. By taking all possible steps to make your family’s bus trip as enjoyable as possible, you will create happy, cherished memories for your children.

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