More and more people and companies are turning to charter bus rentals for a host of reasons. More than 630,000,000 million trips are taken in buses every year. Friends or families rent a charter bus for special events or to tour the city. Companies also opt for charter bus services to take their employees en masse to a special event or conference. They also rent buses to take staff attending a conference to the airport. If you are considering hiring a charter bus company, transportation services experts recommend the following tips.

Tips for Finding the Right Charter Bus Company:

  • Start by asking friends, colleagues and even competitors. Ask the people you know if they have ever hired a charter bus and what company they used. You may be surprised to find that people you know have done this for their events or travel. Ask what they thought of the experience and company they used. Look online for reviews and recommendations.
  • Ask the companies you talk to about their references. Many companies put testimonials and references in their web site. If they do not do that, ask them what their customers say about them. If the company has been around a while, you should be suspicious if they have no one who ever been willing to say good things about their experiences with them.
  • Ask about the amenities and equipment they offer. Many groups opt for stretch limos, which can carry between 16 and 20 people. Buses and limousines can have a host of amenities from refreshments and music to video services. If you are using the service to bring people from party to party, you probably want something different from your vehicle than if you are taking all of your employees to a conference. Make sure the company has the size vehicles you need to transport your people safely and comfortably. Also ask about what kind of restroom options you have for longer trips.
  • Ask about the drivers licenses and credentials.  The last thing you need is to be on a highway and have your bus pulled over and see your driver be cited for not having the right license but that has happened. Make sure the company you hire has the right certifications and licenses. Ask about tolls, airport fees and everything else you may think of. If you are taking the charter bus to tour the city, what do they do about parking? Make sure your company has a plan for this before you hire a company. Ask what training the company provides or requires of its drivers and staff.
  • What is the company’s record when it comes to safety? All transportation services companies should have a good safety record. You should ask the company about it but do not take their word for their record. You can check with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Keep in mind that the best rating a company can expect to have is satisfactory. Do not be disappointed when you see the company you like has that rating and not something like “excellent.”
  • How clean are the vehicles? Not all transportation services are created equal. If you can look at the vehicles a company uses before you sign an agreement, you should try to do that. If your group is going to spend a decent amount of time on the bus, you want it to be clean. Look to see that the vehicle has the proper space for trash and recycling.
  • What is their emergency plan? Hopefully you will not need an emergency plan but things do happen. Ask what the company does in an emergency, what the driver’s training or experience is with dealing with emergencies? Make sure you are comfortable with the company’s answers.

In terms of transportation services, hiring a motor coach may be one of the most environmentally friendly options around. The motor coaches emit much less carbon dioxide than most other forms of transportation. Most buses on the road today are at least six times more fuel efficient than smaller vehicles such as cars.

Hiring a bus company to get your group around town or to a special event can be a safe and fun way to handle your transportation needs.

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