Nearly all surveyed American employees agree that taking vacations is important to them, and most often, a tourist will want to go somewhere far from home and see exotic sights and meet new people. For many Americans, this means visiting the warm Florida or California coasts, and more exotic beach trips can be taken to Hawaii, too. But while “sunny beach” is a common image for a grand vacation, Alaska has a lot to offer as well. This state is far from a frozen wasteland; in certain seasons, this massive northern state can be beautiful, and outdoor enthusiasts will find a lot to like with Alaska. Dogsled tours, ice fishing, bear hunting, bird watching, and much more can be done in this state’s expansive wilderness. And that’s not all. A tourist may also take a helicopter tide to explore Alaska’s wilderness from up high, and an Alaska glacier wedding may be a memorable thing to do. At first, it may sound odd to fly to Alaska to tie the knot, but if you want to do something special for your wedding, Alaska really is a fine option (especially if a beach sounds too messy or cliche). Helicopter tours can be great fun for a tourist, but if you’d like to do something special for your wedding, try an outdoor Alaska wedding in summer.

Wilderness Tours

Let’s first consider the outdoors. Alaska is the geographically largest American state, dwarfing even Texas and California, and its population is low, even counting the indigenous peoples. This means endless expanses of nearly untouched wilderness, which can be great fun for any outdoor enthusiast. More rugged outdoor lovers may forgo modern hotels in the cities and instead rent a cabin out in the wilds, which is closer to the wilderness where they will explore. Often, ice fishers will rent cabins like these, as will hunters or dog sledders. Alaska may have many lakes for ice fishing, and with the right permits, a hunter may go out there and hunt game that they would not find anywhere else in the United States.

Other forays into the wild may include bird watching or observing other wildlife, simply for the joy of it. Guests may also try mountain climbing, kayaking, and hiking in Alaska’s wilds, from mountains to streams to forests and established hiking routs. Adventurers must be careful of natural wildlife such as bears, though, and they must pay close attention to any warning signs they find posted. They should also follow the directions and guidelines of any local park rangers or other professionals.

What about a helicopter ride? Exotic states such as Hawaii and Alaska offer many helicopter tour rides for guests, and someone interested in this may look up flights ahead of time online and book them. Someone visiting Alaska during a busy season may want to look far in advance and find a slot in their planned visit. In some cases, a guest might even find a helicopter tour first, and then plan the rest of their trip around it instead. Either way, a tourist party may board the helicopter and a pilot will take them along a pre-planned route. A tour guide may explain the local sights and history, and everyone will wear headsets so they can hear each other. The helicopter’s doors will probably be closed for comfort and safety alike.

Do Something Special For Your Wedding

Meanwhile, some brides and grooms with a flair for adventure may forgo the traditional ballroom wedding and have their ceremony outdoors. This is a growing trend among American couples, and while beaches and local parks are most popular for outdoor ceremonies, you might do something special for your wedding and try Alaska during the warmer months. As with any other visit, this means planning everything well in advance. This includes arranging for an officiant, renting the land where the ceremony takes place (or at least getting someone’s permission if need be), along with setting up tables and chairs and the like. Guests may need transport options, and like the bride and groom, they will need to be flown to Alaska near the wedding site and have proper lodgings set up for them. Local hotels and taxis may help with all this.

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