Things to do in ocala florida

The weather may be growing cold and the leaves may be shifting from green to orange, but that doesn’t mean you can’t consider where you’ll be camping once summer rolls back around. Camping is one of America’s absolute favorite methods of spending free time, seeing millions of Americans heading out to every corner of the country in search of priceless memories. Florida is a state popular for its weather and its beaches both, potentially the ideal choice if you want your cabins to be flanked by beaches, historical trails and plenty of downtown culture.

Did You Know?

Eager for some fun facts to start off the list? Florida has you covered. There are over six million bike trips taken across the United States every day — Florida is well-known for its thriving biking culture and remains a perfect spot for you to grab a few friends for hours of riding under the open sun. There are over 1,300 golf courses in the Sunshine state as well as a bounty of commercial zip lines. To top it off, over 112 million tourist visited Florida back in 2016 and 12% of Americans went camping in 2015. Not convinced yet? We’ve got a way to go yet…

Endless Miles Of Brilliant Coast

What else can Florida give you and your family? How about endless miles of beach as far as the eye can see? No matter where you travel in the Sunshine State you’ll never be more than 60 miles away from the beach — an ideal choice for those that can’t imagine a vacation without a dip in salty waters. A recent survey saw nearly 40% of families saying vacations make them happy and it’s one of the activities they look forward to the most. From fishing to boating to good, old-fashioned swimming, there’s more than enough joy to go around.

Beautiful Forest Trails To Explore

For those that want to get in some hiking before they return to their cabins there are more than enough historical trails to keep you occupied during your stay. The Florida Trail Gateway community was founded all the way back in the late 1800’s and is located less than 15 miles south of Ocala. The year 2013 saw campers traveling an average of 186 miles for their camping trips. Whether you prefer to find some cozy cabins or would rather hoof it under the open night sky, you’ll be glad you went.

A Thriving Tourism Industy To Support

Do you like giving back to your local communities? Whenever you apply for a weekend at Florida cabins you’re doing more than just giving a few dollars to the camping industry. You’re also supporting the thousands of small businesses that make up the fabric of Florida’s vibrant community. The tourism industry rakes in more than $60 billion in Florida’s economy every year and every last dollar comes from people like yourself looking for good food, good memories and good weather.

Plan Your Next Camping Trip

How should you go planning your next camping trip? Just get started! There are plenty of comfortable cabins to choose from for those that want to relax more than play, though you can also seek out more traditional camping venues if you’re a fan of the outdoors. Cook up a few activities you and your family can look forward to once you arrive, too — there are zip lines, local restaurants, museums, horse shows and bike shops, just to name a few. The holidays may be around the corner, but Florida will be waiting for you when it’s time to head back out to the beach.

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