Anyone who loves history will enjoy a trip on some of the best carriage tours in Charleston, SC. Charleston attracts thousands of tourists every year most of who are looking to take a peek at America’s past.

However, there are also lots of other charming and picturesque sites along historic routes. There are approximately 20 nature parks with lots of things to do while in Charleston. The scenic parks and gardens often tell an old tale of the city. With the best carriage tours, you can explore the top sites that combine nature and history for a memorable experience.

Middleton Place

Middleton Place is the oldest landscaped garden in the United States. The plantation is more than 300 years old, with a history spanning centuries from the colonial period, the antebellum period, to the present.

The plantation was founded by the Middleton family in the mid-1700s. Even though there are areas that have been rebuilt, part of the residential complex still stands today. You have the opportunity to explore the collection of historical artifacts such as china, documents, furniture, and original portraits stored at the House Museum.

The garden adopts a classic landscaping style that was popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. The designer tried to mimic the approach of the gardens of the Vaux-le-Vicomte and the Palace of Versailles in France. The park has neat pathways, lined with neatly manicured shrubs and hedges typical of the style of the period.

Magnolia Garden and Plantation

Explore the beauty and get enchanted with magnolia parks breathtaking site with a rich history. The site was founded in 1670. It is considered to be the oldest public garden in the country. The more than 60-acre Park has a wide range of local plants with flowers that bloom from winter to spring.

Magnolia presents a lot of opportunities for tourists to learn and find things to do while in Charleston, SC. There is a nature tram that takes you further into the garden. You can see turtles, the blue heron, alligators, and ducks, among other wildlife. The picturesque garden is a great place to go on a walk or take photos.

At Magnolia, you can learn about the history of the slaves who built dikes and dams to cultivate rice. The slaves lived on the plantation with little interference from their colonizers. As a result, the Gullah culture developed in the region. Four of the five cabins on the site were built during the slavery period.

Pitt Street Bridge

The Pitt Street Bridge is among the best carriage tours with the best views of the Charleston Harbor. You can also view the shoreline along Mt Pleasant, the Sullivan Islands, and the isle of palms. As you walk into the water, you’ll see the marsh extends far into the horizon.

It is a great place for walking if you love open spaces. The park is neatly manicured, maintained, and usually not crowded. You can enjoy relaxing on the benches as you take in the scenic views all around you. Pitt Street Bridge garden has provisions for fishing and has some of the best sunset views. Over the years, it has become a popular site with tourists, who are looking for evening tours in Charleston, SC.

Washington Square

Charleston horse carriage tours can also take you to Washington Square. It is a small park with plenty of big trees and benches. The historical monuments around the park will give you an introduction to the city. There are tours and tour guides who can guide you, as you learn more about the rich history of the park.

In Conclusion

Charleston has many unique historical sites and parks you can visit as you tour in a horse carriage. The routes change from time to time to avoid jamming the city streets with horses. The best carriage tours have knowledgeable guides and comfortable rides. Charleston has beautiful parks and a lot of historical sites that visitors can explore on horse-drawn carriages.

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