For many, private flights seem like the definition of luxury. But private flights are actually more common than the average person would ever suspect, owned by companies, commercial businesses, and private owners alike. There are many different types of private jets commercially available, and private jets do not even have to be particularly expensive. There are many benefits to owning a private jet and taking private flights, aside from the obvious privacy. In fact, private jets and private flights are so popular that the United States makes up around as much as half of the private jet market, followed at a distance by Europe in second place. There are currently more than eleven hundred registered private jets on United States soil alone, and that number has continued to increase since that data was compiled in 2011.

Many people own a private jet and indulge in private flights because it allows them to escape the hassle of an airport and the boarding process of a flight. Though private jets do frequently still fly out of major airports – and, as a matter of fact, have access to more than five thousand airports throughout the United States whereas commercial flights only use around five hundred and fifty on average. A private jet flight can take much of the hassle out of traveling, something that often even dissuades people from being willing to travel in the first place. It is also a skill that many people love, the skill of flying. Earning a pilot’s license is something that many people – all different types of people at that – strive for – not even as a career, but as a very invested hobby. These people are then able to benefit from their newfound skills by avoiding the busy rush and confusion of most major airports by flying their own plane and frequently taking private flights. This often opens up the ability to travel as well, depending on the type of plane that is owned and used and the place in the country that the plane is stored.

Business charter jets have also become commonly used in the business world, as private flights have been found to have a number of positive benefits. Commercially flying, while often a cost effective and efficient option, is not always the best method of travel for business people. In fact, business people who were taking a commercial flight found that their motivation and overall productivity dropped by nearly half. On the contrary, private flights and jet charter planes tend to have the opposite effect and improve employee happiness and overall engagement. In fact, employees may be more productive than they ever are – more productive than they are even in their normal office – when aboard a company plane and taking private flights. This productivity is estimated to rise by about twenty percent per passenger.

Though many people have never considered taking a private flight as even an option for themselves, but private flights are more popular than many people ever even realize. For instance, many private flights are run by companies for their employees, as it has been found that flying privately is not only an overall more comfortable and generally better experience – it can actually raise the levels of productivity and engagement of the employees actually on the flight, more even than when they are in their same typical office space. Private flights are not just for one type of person, and they are becoming more and more popular as the years pass. Maybe you too will soon have the chance to enjoy the luxuries and mental benefits of taking a private flight.

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