When it comes to airline flights, people are either totally for it or against them. There are people who will jump at the chance to jet off to another country. However, some people are very against flying internationally for a few simple reasons. They may include the expense, safety, or comfort. Sometimes, flying is pretty unavoidable if you are traveling for business. However, there are plenty of options for several travel destinations around the world. In this age, traveling is an experience that everyone wants to have. The influence of social media is key, as 23% of millennials gain inspiration from many platforms when choosing a travel destination. It seems like everyone is taking advantage of the deals found for flying internationally, because there are plenty of them!

1. It can be cheaper than you think

When travelers think of flying internationally, they likely think of dollar signs as well. Travel expenses is probably the #1 reason that people do not fly as often as they would like. More than half of the younger generations, Millennials and Generation X, say that money is an issue with flights. It’s difficult to scrounge up enough funds to take a nice vacation out of the country. However, many of those people have not done their research.

Several airlines offer deals for flights that people are welcome to take advantage of. Depending on your destination and travel date, you can find some incredible sales that will surprise you. Cheap flights to Bangkok can be far under $1000 depending on your itinerary. Even beyond flights, you can use travel planning websites to find package deals on your ticket, hotel, and transportation to save yourself hundreds. Your international trip can cost you under $200 a day if you do it right. If you do a bit of looking, you’ll find that flying internationally does not have to be out of budget. There are endless options available for those who don’t want to break the bank.

2. Safety and comfort is pretty much guaranteed

International flights from the United States are among the safest modes of travel in the world. Many popular airlines within the US are known for their incredible quality when flying internationally. You’ll find that flight crews are friendly and accommodating. Pilots are rigorously trained and extremely experienced upon being hired for a big airline. Airlines understand how uncomfortable flying can seem to those who have worries, and they definitely try to make up for it.

When flying coach, you’ll find that your meals, snacks, and drinks are provided throughout your time on the plane. In flight entertainment is commonly free and wifi is always available for purchase. When flying internationally, it’s recommended for you to upgrade your seats if you are looking for physical comfort. Upgraded economy and first class seats are always spacious and comfortable. Modern first class seats have more than enough room to spread out and get comfortable while on the way to your destination. First class gives you the access to seats that lay down, free alcohol, luxurious meals, and many baggage amenities. Although there may be a fee for this type of comfort, it is more than worth it for long hours flying internationally.

3. Going alone is just fine!

It’s no surprise that many people think they need a companion to travel with. Few people want to be alone, or fear that they will not be able to enjoy themselves. It’s common for a group of two or more to fly internationally all together, but that doesn’t mean that a single person cannot get in on the fun!

People who travel alone are likely to have a more in depth experience. You’ll be able to do all of the thing you want to do without having to consider other people’s opinions. You will also be able to enjoy all of the stereotypical tourist sites without anyone judging you. With just yourself, you’re likely to be able to do more in just a day without a group bogging you down. There are plenty of travel groups out there that you can join if you feel social. Traveling is a common way that people meet friends and make connections abroad.

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