Types of private planes

You already know that traveling by VIP private jet is a great way get some time to yourself, be more productive, and get there faster by avoiding the lines and delays at the big commercial airports. A 2009 survey found that 20% of those who responded said they were even more productive on a private charter than in their own office. Compare that to those who don’t rent a private jet and report a 40% drop in productivity while flying commercial. But what about the other great perks of flying on private jets? VIP private jet service has strategic partnerships designed to make your experience with their jet charter a truly memorable one.

The Performances

Some VIP private jet companies get exclusive access and even private performances from acts and celebrities. Included in recent years have been Lenny Kravitz and Lady Antebellum, to name a few. Others throw in Broadway tickets or wine country tours.

The Free Nights

Other VIP private jet contractors get free nights or discounted stays at some of the toniest resorts and hotels around the world. The spa treatments are pretty nice, too.

Member For a Day

Fly a charter flight with a VIP private jet charter and you might get the chance to be on the inside for a day at some of the best private country clubs, golf clubs, and ski resorts.

Other Travel

Sometimes it pays to go with a VIP private jet because you’ll be a VIP for the rest of your travel, too. From luxury limo service to VIP car rental, it won’t be just on the plane that you travel in style.

What About the Flight Itself?

As the market for VIP private jet charter expands, the competition is heating up to provide the most luxurious experience. Not only is there plenty of space and comfortable seating, but full-sized bathrooms, kitchens that are stocked with everything they need to provide favorite meals (and sometimes a Michelin-Star chef to make it), and dedicated bedrooms with king-sized beds.

What About Conducting Business While Flying?

For someone going by VIP private jet, travel time isn’t downtime unless you want it to be. Meeting rooms are available on many jets, and some even have fully equipped conference centers. You can also count on the latest technology, whether it’s surround sound, Blu-Ray, ambient lighting, or Wi-Fi access.

A private jet is an expensive way to get around. It’s also a great way to get around and can be either the most relaxing or the most efficient way to spend time in the air.

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