Month: June 2018


Finding a Future Spouse Who Would Make a Great Traveling Companion Is a Positive Sign

The Celtic band tour was the deciding factor. When you meet a potential soul mate later in life, many things help you decide if this is truly the one you should marry. Especially if you have been in a failed marriage before, you might be on the look out forRead More

Traveling on a Budget? Learn More About Discount Airline Flights

Every year, people travel for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to visit family and friends, explore what a new city has to offer, or for business purposes, airline flights are a convenient way to travel. Given this, it’s not surprising that airline travel is expected to increase over theRead More

Five Tips For Traveling Comfortably on a Bus

Traveling by coach buses, motorcoaches, or charter buses is a great way to get to your destination safely and comfortably while saving yourself money and cutting down on your carbon footprint. Motorcoaches take 751,000,000 passenger trips every year, and they get 206 passenger miles per gallon. Single passenger cars onlyRead More

Over 25% Of Travelers Would Switch Airlines Based On This Feature Improving The In-Flight Experience

Travel is a necessity. That doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable, entertaining and highly memorable. It’s why so many car manufacturers put so much effort into crafting state-of-the-art vehicle display screens and radios. It’s why customers will skip over one transit system in favor of another based on its wi-fiRead More