Travel is a necessity. That doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable, entertaining and highly memorable.

It’s why so many car manufacturers put so much effort into crafting state-of-the-art vehicle display screens and radios. It’s why customers will skip over one transit system in favor of another based on its wi-fi accessibility. When it comes to flying? Your aircraft display systems may be the major factor in whether or not someone chooses to board your airplane. Aircraft interior products are better than they’ve ever been, providing a wide array of entertainment to take the bite out of a long flight. That means it’s up to you to make sure you’re never being overlooked in favor of the competition.

How does in flight entertainment work and why is it such a notable factor for so many customers?

The most important question you can ask on your way to better in flight entertainment systems is why people fly in the first place. There are many means of getting from one place to another, but some take priority depending on the goal. When a business owner needs to arrive at another city for an important meeting? The speed and reliability of a plane is a necessity. When someone is tired of cramped bus spaces and wants a little ease and comfort on their way back home? An airline flight can make all the difference.

Over eight million people fly on commercial and private airlines every day. It’s hard not to see why aircraft display systems are in such high demand. Back in 2013 the total passenger numbers were just over three million, passing the three billion mark for the first time in history. Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the United States averaged $2 billion per day. That’s over $100 million per hour and nearly $2 million a minute. There’s a lot of money on the line when you neglect your IFE monitors and in flight entertainment providers.

Some people travel for business. Others travel for vacation. One recent study found three out of four domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes, with direct spending on leisure travel, specifically, totaling $645 billion back in 2014 for domestic and international travelers. Despite the difference in why people decide to board a particular airline, one factor remains consistent…customers want a flight that’s smooth, timely and entertaining. This is where a crisp, high-quality aircraft display and wide variety of shows and movies comes into play.

Multiple studies have been conducted to better analyze what customers both want and expect out of their flight. Over 40% of airline passengers watch movies, meaning your airline will only benefit by having a good variety of mainstream films to choose from. Another 20% of airline passengers like to read a book or a magazine. Yet another 20% prefer to catch a few winks on the way to their destination. Additional choices can include popular shows, music videos and news channels for people to enjoy as they relax and unwind on their flight.

It’s not just entertainment on your airplane display that turns heads. It’s also the amenities you offer. According to a 2013 Air Travel Survey by TripAdivsor a surprising 25% of respondents would actively choose one airline over another if they didn’t offer wi-fi. Another 40% consider an iPad or tablet carry-on feature to be absolutely essential. Lastly, nearly 60% use their smartphones for flight status alerts. People like to stay connected and feeling isolated on an aircraft can be both frustrating and expensive for both parties.

Your aircraft display and airplane plug adapter aren’t just luxuries. They’re essential additions to ensure every customer enjoys their flight to the fullest.

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