Month: May 2017


Experience New Orleans’ Wetlands with a Fun Kayak Tour

Have you ever been on a swamp kayak tour? If you’re planning to vacation in Louisiana, you’ll definitely want to take the family on a New Orleans kayak tour. Were you aware that Louisiana is home to 41% of America’s wetlands? Furthermore, it has more wetlands than any other stateRead More

Why You Should Choose Business Over First Class

One thing that everyone loves taking part in is a vacation. Recent research found that 37 percent of families felt vacation gave them joy, making it the most joyful activity for families. Getting away from a hectic work life can mean flying to a far away location. Many people livingRead More

Golden Rules To Follow When Renting A Private Lodge

In recent years there?s been a major surge in lodge rental in the United States. More and more families and individuals are opting out of the usual downtown hotel room rentals and are now wanting to stay in a more private vacation lodge where they can enjoy the natural scenery.Read More