Swamp tours

Have you ever been on a swamp kayak tour? If you’re planning to vacation in Louisiana, you’ll definitely want to take the family on a New Orleans kayak tour.

Were you aware that Louisiana is home to 41% of America’s wetlands? Furthermore, it has more wetlands than any other state in the nation. In addition to 11,000 square miles of floodplains, Louisiana has 7,800 square miles of coastal swamps, marshes, and estuaries.

Since Louisiana’s average temperature is 69.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the weather will be comfortable when you take a swamp kayak tour. Just imagine how much fun it will be to travel along the bayou and other wetlands with your family.

Did you know that the United States has the longest bayou in the world? The Bayou Bartholomew is 375 miles long and stretches across Arkansas and Louisiana. If you love fish, you’ll be happy to know that this famous bayou contains over 100 different kinds.

If you’re interested in crabbing, it’s important to note that the commercial harvesting of blue crabs is prohibited by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Furthermore, this department also prohibits using crab traps for a 30-day period.

Since you’re planning a vacation to Louisiana, you’re likely aware that your family is happiest when being on vacation together. You may also be interested to know that according to a study conducted by the Institute of Education at Plymouth University, 95% of the parents that participated agreed their children were happier when taking kid-friendly vacations.

While there will be all sorts of other fascinating sights to see, what is more kid-friendly than touring the swamp on a kayak tour! The city of New Orleans has quite a few historical and cultural sites of interest. It was founded in 1718, and it is almost 300 years old.

In 2015 alone, 9.78 million people visited this famous city. By 2019, it is estimated that Louisiana will host 31.5 million visitors. Since you’re planning to visit Louisiana, remember to add “kayaking in New Orleans” to your list of things to do with your family. Chances are that you will want to visit this area again and again.

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