Vacations and recreational time are so important not just for adults looking to take a break from work, but for everyone – in fact, up to 96% of all people in the United States say that vacations matter to them quite a bit. Vacations and recreational time spent together can strengthen bonds between family and friends. It can help to relieve stress. It can strengthen new and burgeoning interests. With leisure time, health can even improve, as high levels of stress over an extended period of time have been quite definitely linked to higher rates of health problems, ranging from physical health problems to mental health problems as well.

For many people, taking a camping trip is likely to be the ideal vacation. After all, a camping trip allows to unplug from the outside world far more thoroughly than other types of vacations as, while on a camping trip, your entire goal is to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the various implements of technology (and screens) that we use on a day to day basis in our lives. Taking a camping trip can be done in a number of different ways as well, meaning that the right kind of camping trip is out there for just about everyone.

For instance, most people will choose to take a camping trip at an established camping site. Such camping sites are perfect for the typical family camping trip, as they provide certain services that the wilderness at large certainly does not, such as bathrooms, water hook ups, and even grills to cook your food on. If you’re looking to step away from modern life but still retain some of its conveniences, taking a family camping trip to your nearest camp site is a great way to do this. In fact, camping on a public campground is so popular – and so safe – that nearly three quarters of all campers will choose to camp in this way.

There are also so many things to do with your family while you are all out and on a camping trip. For instance, hiking trails are typically in abundance around many popular campsites and are a safe way to take in the beauty of your surroundings. You’ll want to bring enough water and sunscreen to stay safe and hydrated while on your trip, as well as wear a sturdy pair of shoes and any protective clothing that might be necessary, depending on the place you are hiking in.

Family fishing has also become widely popular, and is a great way to spend a peaceful day out on the lake. Fishing is a meditative experience for many, with nearly 40% of those who are interested in taking up fishing looking to do so for the relaxation that is provides for so many. Fishing can be done just for fun, if you decide to throw any fish that you catch back into the body of water you are fishing from, or you can even fish in order to provide dinner for yourself and your family. In this way, this can be a great way to help your kids feel like they are actively contributing to the camping adventure.

However, before you can enjoy your camping trip you’ll likely want to do a good deal of planning. In fact, studies show that more than 40% of all campers will start to plan their camping trip more than a month before actually going on it. For a novice camper this is ideal, as it gives you enough time to get all of the gear and supplies that you’ll need to have a successful and enjoyable (and safe!) camping trip. You’ll also want to pick the right location to camp at.

If you’re interested in fishing, for example, you’ll want to choose a campground that’s by a fishing lake, so you’ll be in close access to the hobby and activity of your choosing. If you’re interested in hiking while on your camping trip, you’ll likely want to pick a part of the country where hiking trails are plentiful and well mapped out. Your camping trip is likely to be very enjoyable but only if you plan it out.

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