Recent data from the Federal Aviation Administration shows that throughout the day and night, there are 5,000 aircraft soaring through the sky. This amounts to about 2,587,000 passengers passing through airports within the United States on a daily basis. In 2016 alone, for instance, over 3.8 billion passengers were transported by commercial airlines. While people travel for leisure as well, there were 458.9 million domestic business trips taken within that time period. Predications also indicated that domestic business trips will increase by 2020 to 478.2 million.

Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure, or a combination of both, there’s an excellent chance that you look forward to your vacation time. A recent survey showed that 96% of workers within this country reported their vacation time was important. While some individuals may take vacation time as it accrues, others will save it up to take longer vacations.

Rather than spending their money on acquiring material possessions, 76% of adults within the Millennial age rage prefer spending their money on experiences. This includes traveling, of course. In 2016, TopDeck Travel conducted a survey that covered a variety of topics. Millennials, for example, reported that their motivation to travel involved eating local foods. This applied to 69% of the survey’s participants. Furthermore, 98% of the participants indicated that it was very important to eat local cuisine when traveling.

The American Association of Retired Persons also conducted a survey in 2016. When it comes to traveling, there were three primary motivators for the Baby Boomer generation:

  • To spend time with family and friends: 57%
  • To get away from everyday life: 39%
  • To relax and rejuvenate: 38%

When you’re traveling on a budget, you want every dollar to count towards having a great experience. This includes everything from tasting local cuisine to visiting historical and other sites of interest. Whether you’re searching for an airline deal to travel across the United States or an airline deal to travel internationally, your vacation goals can be met with greater ease when you purchase discount tickets. Furthermore, you may just discover that you can take even more vacations when you locate the right airline flights.

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