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There are many different kinds of family vacations, from the fun amusement park to the scenic lake to the destination city with tons of attractions. According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), nearly 30,000 attractions accounted for an astounding $219 billion economic impact in 2011, with those attractions being incredibly diverse.

Family vacations can be tricky, however, especially with larger families where satisfying the interest and engagement of three, four, five children at different ages can prove a handful. Here is a list of three great ideas for family vacations, complete with statistics on just how popular they are.

Amusement Parks

The IAAPA is the world’s largest amusement park industry trade association and a survey they conducted shows just how popular amusement parks are and how much money they move. Their survey was titled the 2013 Family Entertainment Centers State of the Industry survey and according to it, the average amusement park sees nearly 370,000 people annually.

Amusement parks have a number of attractions that can appeal to the whole family. Thrill seekers will love the roller coasters or other death-defying rides, while young children will enjoy the section for kids.

Parents will need to navigate the crowds on busier days and may find the need to split up with different kids to go to particular rides. Still, parents may find an amusement park exciting as well, even with kid duties, as the youthful energy of an amusement park may be a breath of fresh air.


Near the polar opposite of amusement parks are campgrounds, which combine the beauty of nature with a family togetherness experience. According to the 2014 American Camper Report, 40 million Americans or 14 percent of the US population over the age of six camped in 2013. The average camping participant spent an average of 15 days camping.

Campgrounds or a campsite may not seem very exciting compared to roller coasters but they have their benefits. There is peace in nature and quiet, two elements that may be hard to come by in a dense urban center. There is wildlife, from birds to deer, and often it is possible to camp near a lake, which can be a tranquil experience.

Campgrounds also pose the added cost benefit as they are generally cheaper than a day at the amusement park. Without electronic devices, it may be difficult to keep youth occupied, which could be a challenge parents face.

Water Parks

A splash park is an underrated family vacation option, especially during the peak summer months. Water fun is an obviously cooling experience literally, but the amount of activities in a water park can have everyone in the family excited. From giant slides to wave machines, water parks can add a new element to a family vacation.

Whether you choose from these three options or find your own, family vacations can be both fun and challenging for parents.

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