Camping in pei

Camping vacations have become America?s favorite pastime besides sitting at home watching a football game. In fact, family camping vacations are one of the most popular choices for Americans, and they spent about 534.9 million days camping altogether in 2011
Each camping participant, whether staying in a tent, RV, cabin, bivy or yurt, spent an average of 14.9 days camping. Among current camping participants, 85 percent took their first trip between birth and age 15. After age 15, the chances of being introduced to camping were slim. Similarly, 57 percent of campers participated in regular outdoor activities as children, while a just one-quarter of non-participants were exposed to the outdoors.The main reason what so many individuals and groups prefer family family camping trips is to get away from the crazy city life style that constantly keeps them busy and filled with stress.

What most don?t see to realize is that a family vacation at one of the many wooded campgrounds will also help you live longer and have a healthier life. If you frequently head out to camping vacations you know of the wide variety of activities that are provided. Whether you like biking, sitting by a warm fire, hiking, or running there?s almost no limit to the things you can do. In 2010 alone, approximately 40 million people went camping for a total of 515 million outings. Spending some quality time in the outdoors can add many years to your life.

The fresh air itself is something you can look forward to during camping vacations. Just spending some tie near the trees can offer you some much needed clean oxygen. According to medical research spending some time in the outdoors at local camping sites can greatly improve blood circulation and your digestion just because of the exposure you get to some very clean oxygen. You?d be surprised at how much your health can increase when you?re breathing in low levels of pollutants.

Camping vacations in the outdoors has also been proven to improve your mood. According to statistics most campers travel an average distance of 186.7 miles for camping trips. The sunlight provides some much needed vitamin D and balances out the level of melatonin in your brain. Sunlight and the outdoors helps you deal with depression so by enjoying the many camping amenities and activities available can help improve not only your physical health but also your mental health as well.

Speaking of physical health, camping vacations offer a great deal of exercise that will keep you toned and in shape. Eighty-seven percent of campers participated in multiple outdoor activities. In spring 2008, the number of people who went hiking/backpacking within the last 12 months amounted to 29.23 million in the United States. By Spring 2014, there were 38.05 million people who’d gone hiking/backpacking in the last 12 months.
You can take a nice long walk, jog, hike, or any other calorie burning activity that will have you feeling rejuvenated and much stronger than before. Your activity levels will vary depending on the program and you will surely work up quite an appetite once your done. Camping also gives you the freedom to enjoy better food that are not as calorie packed and filled with greasy saturated fat like what you?d most like be eating at home sitting in front of the television. You welcome to all the healthy fats that nature has to provide form a freshly caught fish to some packed nuts and granola bars. Plus, with all the physical activities you?ll be involved in you?ll have no trouble digesting your foods with ease.

Camp resorts or tent camping are great ways to get some alone time a steer clear of the busy city life and anxiety. Try to getaway and disconnect from the modern life and go back to nature. Meditation allows you to clear your thoughts and enjoy your surroundings without any distractions. It?s an experience that you really have to commit to in order to enjoy. But the end results are worth it. The simple act of camping is the biggest motivation for taking a camping trip. Forty-seven percent of adult participants camped just because they enjoyed it, which is good news for the activity.

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