Are you hoping to find a new camping destination this year? Maybe you and your family love camping, but you have been going to same the state park or the same campgrounds year after year. Now, you are ready for a new experience, but you don?t want to sacrifice the camping aspect of your trip. Believe it or not, the next place you should take your family camping is Florida. From camping, to horseback riding, to museums, there is plenty to do on your family vacation to Florida.

Interested in learning more about Florida as a travel destination? Keep reading to find out why Florida is such a popular tourist destination and why you should plan your next camping trip to this great state.

Why Florida Is One of The Most Popular Vacation Destinations

Every year, millions of people travel to Florida to experience all it has to offer. Whether you want to go camping, stay in motels, or stay in a cabins, there are plenty of options in Florida. In fact, Florida bases a lot of its economy off the tourism industry. It?s so popular that it can bring in around $67 billion every year through the tourism industry. If you are still on the fence about whether or not to make this your travel destination, just remember that around 112.8 million people before you chose to visit Florida in 2016. That?s a pretty good indicator that you could make Florida a great place to go camping.

What to Do in Florida on Your Camping Trip

When you go camping in Florida, you can choose how you want your vacation to be. If you simply want to enjoy your time in nature, that is always an option. You can pitch your tent or your camper at a campground or state park and enjoy all the outdoors have to offer.

If you are looking for a few more activities to keep you and your family occupied during your camping trip, there are plenty to choose from. When it comes to activities and attractions in Florida, the options are endless. One of the most obvious choices is spending some time at a beach. You can still enjoy the outdoors while at the beach, and you probably will not have to travel far from wherever your campsite is set up. When you are in Florida, you are never much further away from a beach than 60 miles.

Another option while camping in Florida is to go horseback riding. This is actually a very popular activity whether you want to horseback ride through the woods or on the beach. Around 7 million tourists choose to take part in this activity every year. What?s nice about this activity is you can still stay in the campgrounds or near the woods, if you want to. You don?t necessarily have to leave the camping environment to ride horses.

If you are looking for a thrill on your Florida camping vacation, try zip lining as a family. While you can zipline in 48 states throughout the country, doing it in Florida is an experience on its own. This will surely be an activity that your family remembers for years to come from their trip to Florida. Remember though, this may not be the best activity for those afraid of heights.

Lastly, on your camping trip you can always get some more exercise in the great outdoors by choosing to go on a family bike ride. There are plenty of places to rent some bikes and ride through some trails in the woods or go riding on the beach. Your family will enjoy the quicker pace of a bike ride while also enjoying its leisurely nature in comparison to simply riding in a car from one destination to the next. If you stay at a campground, there may even be bikes on site.

Keep in mind, the weather in Florida is nice almost year-round making it a great destination during different seasons.

Do you think you will plan your next family camping trip to Florida this year? Let us know in the comments about your thoughts on all the different activities you can do on your trip to Florida.

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