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Almost half (47%) of people say they are interested in getting accommodations that are not in a hotel when they take a vacation. Saving money is one reason but there are other considerations to make when looking at the right accommodations for a vacation. The interest in finding lodging that is not in a hotel or resort is one reason that the Air Bandamp;B service has done so well in recent years. Many families and groups are also looking to vacation rentals as options for their trips. Here are a few reasons why and benefits of rending beach condos for your vacation by the ocean.

  1. You get more space. Nearly 81% of the people who choose vacation rentals over hotels say they do it to get more space. Unless you rent a hotel suite, each person will have one room. When renting hotel rooms for families or groups, people often double up to save money. This means no one has their own space to decompress. This can be stressful. When you rent beach condos, you get a lot more space. You can spread out and everyone can have their own personal space to relax and just be alone for a bit. This can make the entire experience a lot better and relaxing.
  2. You will spend less money. Vacation rentals cost less per person but the savings do not end there. Most come with full kitchens so you can save money on your meals. Many groups and families who stay at hotels have to eat all of their meals out. When you have a full kitchen you can dine in. You can also have some quality dinners with the family or your friends over cooking, chatting and eating. Then when you do go out for a few meals, you can splurge and have a really good meal out at a restaurant. Nearly 87% of people who go for vacation rentals say they do it because of the full kitchen.
  3. You have more privacy. When you are in a hotel, there is a thin wall between you and other guests. You can hear everything they do and they can hear everything you do. Whenever you come or go, sightseeing or just to the pool, you have to go through a crowded lobby. When you go for vacation condo rentals, your neighbors are a bit farther away. No one will be around to see you coming and going. This may not be a big deal but many people feel more relaxed when they know they have more privacy.
  4. You get better amenities. Many beach condo rentals offer a lot of the amenities people have at home. They have better WiFi connection, cable TV service or DVD players and even washers and driers. All of these can be important. Your family can enjoy a nice evening in, watching a movie or enjoying each other’s company. The amenities are the reason that about 84% of all vacationers look to alternative lodging. Being able to do laundry is a real benefit for people with young children. It is true that hotels offer laundry service but that is expensive. Knowing you can wash clothes also means you do not have to pack as much.
  5. You can have a more relaxing time. When the Secret Service protects a presidential candidate or the president, the agents are always given their own room. This is because when the agency did a study on the subject they found that while they saved money in the short term by making the agents double up, it ended up costing more in sick leave time and other problems. The agents, who paired up in rooms, were more stressed out because they never had any real downtime. The same principle can apply for vacations. Vacation rentals that offer people a chance to unwind in their own space make for more enjoyable vacations.

When you plan a trip to take with your friends or family, you want to get the best deal and have the best time. Looking at different lodging options such as renting oceanfront condos can make the experience better for everyone.

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