In today’s culture, the “art” of being busy is glorified, almost to society’s detriment. People are busier than ever and they often struggle to meet their professional and personal obligations while still trying to find time to just…decompress. The pace of the modern day rat race is just downright grueling, and continuing to run it full steam ahead can have a negative impact one’s overall health.

If you feel as though you can’t afford to take some time off, you’re not alone. This is a common misconception shared by many. But did you know that staying busy can actually prevent you from getting anything done? Too much work and no play can have reduce your productivity, leaving you feeling frustrated and less engaged in your work or daily life.

Time outdoors is one of the best ways to tap out of the rat race and tune into a much needed break. Camping and spending time in nature can help get away from it all, including any stress or anxiety you’re experiencing. Maybe a digital detox at a countryside campsite is just what the doctor ordered? You’d be surprised how much a good dose of rest and relaxation can help you feel at peace.

Here’s a few mindfulness hacks that will help you truly unplug and get the rest your mind needs.


Meditation isn’t just for temple monks! Everyday people can benefit from giving their mind a break, which is exactly what meditation is. You don’t have to sit crossed legged, touch your fingers, or even chant a mantra in order to reap the benefits of meditation.

You can started by sitting in a comfortable area somewhere outside of your campsite. Maybe it’s under a large tree or by a small creak, or just somewhere you feel comfortable. Once you start feeling a bit settled and your thoughts stop racing, trying focusing in on all of your sense. What do you hear? How does the air feel against your skin? What does the area around your campsite smell like? What can you see? What does the air taste like?

Write it out loud

So many campgrounds and cabin rentals are low tech or no tech, and this provides a great opportunity to get in touch with your feelings through writing. When was the last time you wrote a heartfelt letter to a loved on, or spilled your fears, hopes, and dreams out onto a page? Writing can be extremely cathartic and healing. A great way to release any negative emotion is to write your honest feelings about a troublesome situation onto paper and then ceremonial burn it in the campfire.

Board games to beat boredom

Classic card and board games are a great way to pass the time at a campsite, and can help you disconnect from the stress of life and reconnect with your loved ones. Playing a game of cards or chess with your campsite mate is a fun, no tech way to stimulate your mind while simultaneously giving it a break from the demands of tech.

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