Domestic tourism is a robust and popular industry in the United States today, and many beaches draw in the crowds, such as in Hawaii, Florida, and California. A sunny beach is a fairly typical vacation getaway, but that’s not the only option. For real outdoors lovers, Alaska beckons as an exotic adventure, and there is plenty to see up there. This enormous, chilly state is more than a frozen wasteland; during certain months, it may offer gorgeous scenery and endless wilderness for exploring or hunting or fishing. Outdoors lovers may take dogsled tours, go hiking or kayaking, go ice fishing, and more. Tours by dogsled aren’t the only option, though; helicopter rides in Alaska may be a fantastic way to see this state’s wilderness without getting your boots dirty, and helicopter rides in Alaska can be booked online ahead of time for convenience. What is more, creative brides and grooms may plan an Alaska glacier wedding for a memorable outdoor wedding.

See the Wilderness

Not everyone likes to “rough it” in the wild, but those who do may get a lot out of any trip to Alaska. This state is enormous and only thinly populated, even counting the Native American populations, and outdoor enthusiasts may find plenty to do. Hunters and fishers, once they get any necessary permits or paperwork done, may rent a rustic cabin out in the wild and find local game. Bears and caribou may be hunted, among other species, and ice fishing is great fun for some anglers on frozen lakes. Meanwhile, other enthusiasts may simply go hiking and bring binoculars to observe natural species in their own habitat, and a guest may also go hiking, kayaking, or even rock or mountain climbing. And as mentioned above, dogsledding is a time-honored tradition in Alaska and is an authentic way to explore the wilds.

But what about helicopter rides in Alaska? Some tourists are more comfortable staying in the cities or in vehicles, and rather than go hiking or kayaking, they want to explore Alaska from high above. This can be done with helicopter rides in Alaska during mild weather, and all tourists in the chopper will be given headsets so they can hear the tour guide over the vehicle’s noise. A tour guide may explain local history and fun facts during a ride, and a helicopter will fly in all but the worst weather. From high up, a tourist can see an expansive panorama of Alaska’s wilderness, a sight few may forget.

These helicopter rides in Alaska have to be booked like anything else. During busy tourist season, features like these may get booked fast, so an interested tourist may look up and book helicopter tour flights well ahead of time. A tourist may look up “helicopter rides in alaska” weeks or even months in advance, and choose a time slot that fits their vacation schedule. In other cases, someone who really wants a helicopter ride may find one first, and then plan the rest of their vacation around it for convenience.

An Outdoor Wedding

Creative brides and grooms today are trading in ballroom weddings for outdoor and exotic venues, often rustic farms or a sunny beach. But during spring or simmer, Alaska may provide an unforgettable backdrop for an outdoor wedding. This means making some plans ahead of time. The wedding party should book the region where and when they will have the ceremony and/or reception, for one thing. The wedding party must also arrange for transportation and lodgings for everyone, such as airplane flights, taxis, shuttle buses, and the like. Booking enough hotel rooms will also be a task to take seriously, and this all may be easier if the outdoor venue is close to a city like Anchorage or Juneau. Many hotels may offer bulk discounts for guests who book a lot of rooms at once, and this can help drive costs down.

The venue may also need a party tent, tables and chairs, and linens. All of this can be rented from various local companies, and the wedding party may send a few people well ahead of time to take care of this. After all, tent and table rentals are bet done in person so the renters can inspect the hardware first before committing.

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