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It’s probably safe to assume that almost everyone is familiar with the bus. From young students to experienced seniors, most of us have ridden on buses or have had first-hand experience with the benefits of bus travel in our lifetime. But did you ever stop and think about the origins of the motorcoach? Although the charter bus lines we often use today for group travel don’t look a whole lot like the horse-drawn or steam-powered buses of the past, their existence can be traced back centuries. The modern amenities and streamlined ease our coach buses now have wouldn’t have occurred without these earlier models. You might find you enjoy your chartered bus experience even more when you know a little more about its history!

Horse drawn buses

As early as the 1820s, horse drawn buses came into use. This was before motor-powered vehicles came on the scene, and they were quite popular in American and European cities as a form of transport. Typically, the interior contained two long wooden benches that faced each other. The driver would usually sit on an elevated platform or enclosure outside of the main enclosed cabin. Later on, there were even double-decker horse drawn buses! The upper deck was uncovered and featured back-to-back benches to accommodate even more passengers.

Steam buses

In the 1930s, steam-powered buses became useful for areas that were too rough or hazardous for horses. They were also faster than horse drawn carriages and were less likely to turn over. Plus, they caused less damage to the roadways. They gained initial popularity in the U.K., but fell out of favor due to high road tolls and speed limit restrictions.

Motor buses

From the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, motor buses came into fashion and received many updates and modifications throughout the years. From London’s red double-decker buses to those manufactured in Chicago as part of the Yellow Coach Manufacturing Company, this is one type of bus that has essentially stuck around — in various forms — for generations.

Although our charter bus lines now don’t look exactly like those first motor coaches, their structure and purpose remains virtually the same today as it did back then. From public transport to private chartered buses, you’ll see why buses have spectacular staying power. Contact us today to find out more about the options we have to offer and how our charter bus lines can be the perfect way to get you where you’d like to go in comfort and style.

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