Month: July 2018


Travel Doesn’t Have To Be Harmful To The Environment The Green Benefits Of Charter Buses

What makes bus travel such an appealing option for so many people today? Flexibility has something to do with it. Affordable pricing and the ability to relax while on-the-go is another. The benefits of bus travel are as varied and unique as any other method, with the added bonus ofRead More

A Classic Place To Relax Why Florida Beach Vacation Rentals Remain Travelers’ Number One Pick

Let’s face it. You really need a vacation. Not just any vacation, either, but a true break from the humdrum of your workweek that will leave you feeling like a brand new person. While there’s nothing wrong with a weekend alone with your favorite Netflix show and a bowl ofRead More

Traveling on a Budget? Find the Best Discount Airline Deals!

Recent data from the Federal Aviation Administration shows that throughout the day and night, there are 5,000 aircraft soaring through the sky. This amounts to about 2,587,000 passengers passing through airports within the United States on a daily basis. In 2016 alone, for instance, over 3.8 billion passengers were transportedRead More